ApproveRx is a website designed to help pharmacies and healthcare professionals more efficiently manage the prior authorization process.

We’ve collected a library of thousands of prior authorization request forms from health insurance and prescription benefit managers (PBMs) across the U.S. We do the work of finding the forms you need, freeing up your time so you can better care for your patients.

Beyond searching for and delivering the right prior authorization forms, ApproveRx helps you monitor and manage your prior authorization requests.

  • Use the ApproveRx dashboard to easily review the status of your requests.
  • Use the address book to quickly populate a form with patient and physician information.
  • ApproveRx can be easily integrated within a pharmacy's existing workflow upon request.
  • Use the e-fax capability to immediately send the form from your computer to a fax machine.

These features and more make ApproveRx a valuable tool to improve efficiency.

ApproveRx is supported by healthcare plans and pharmaceutical manufacturers that want to help streamline the prior authorization process and improve patient care. ApproveRx is managed by Asembia Technology, LLC.

From its headquarters in Florham Park, NJ, Asembia provides specialty pharmaceutical contracts, programs and information management services for national, regional, and local pharmacy providers. Asembia, its member pharmacies, and Pharma/Biotech partners are leading the way in continuing to define the specialty pharmacy channel. Visit Asembia at

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