by Armada Health Care shares a commitment with the prescribers and pharmacies utilizing (collectively “Covered Entities”) to protect the privacy and confidentiality of Protected Health Information (PHI) in accordance with the HIPAA regulations. by Armada Health Care also is committed to protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) submitted by the Users of

This Policy is provided by Armada Health Care to help you better understand how we at use, disclose and protect PHI in accordance with the terms of the Business Associate Agreement and how we protect and use PII.


Safeguards by Armada Health Care policy is to maintain the confidentiality of PHI received from or on behalf of clients who are HIPAA Covered Entities and with whom we have executed Business Associate Agreements in accordance with such Agreements and applicable law.  Armada Health Care has implemented appropriate administrative, technical and physical safeguards for protecting the privacy of PHI and PII. 

Data Collection collects data in a number of different ways. collects information through its website and through all data submitted to the website via claim adjudication systems, pharmacy systems or manually submitted from both pharmacies and prescribers.

When visiting the website, a small text file called a "cookie" may be placed on a user’s computer. This allows to collect non-PII data while the user is navigating through the website. The following are two types of cookies:

  • Sessions cookies are temporary data files that expire when a user leaves the website.  When cookies expire, they are automatically deleted from a User’s computer.

  • Persistent cookies are multi-session cookies that are stored ongoing on a user’s computer.

If a user does not want cookies placed on their computer, they can set their browser to block them.  You are not required to accept all cookies delivered by the website, but depending on what cookies are not installed, there may be an impact on select features for

For each visitor to our site, our servers automatically recognize and store:

  • The visitor's domain name (where possible) and IP address;
  • The date and time of a user's visit;
  • The pages a user visited; and
  • The address of the website a user came from when they came to visit the website.
  • The data or information entered by the user.

We aggregate information on what content each visitor accesses or views. There is no PII in the data above. uses this information to improve the content and functionality of the website.  This data is only available to web managers and other designated staff who require this information to perform their normal duties in association with

In addition, for each user that registers at, we collect PII information necessary to utilize  This includes but is not limited to name, e-mail address and a password.

PHI information submitted through is used to provide services to Covered Entities with such use and disclosure of PHI permitted or required by the BA Agreement and without violating HIPAA regulations.

Use and Disclosure of Data
PII and PHI is transmitted using by user to destination selected entirely by user.  These transmissions are made at the sole discretion of user. is not responsible for PII or PHI transmitted to incorrect destinations selected by user.
We may use PII and PHI for our management, administration, data aggregation and legal obligations to the extent such use of PII and PHI is permitted or required by the BA Agreement and this Privacy Policy and not prohibited by law. We may use or disclose PII and PHI on behalf of, or to provide services to, Covered Entities for purposes of fulfilling our service obligations to Covered Entities, if such use or disclosure of PII and PHI is permitted or required by the BA Agreement and this Privacy Policy and would not violate HIPAA regulations.  We may also de-identify data and share de-identified data and select PII with business partners or potential business partners.  No PHI information is shared with business partners or potential business partners.

In the event that PII and PHI must be disclosed to a subcontractor or agent, we will ensure that the subcontractor or agent agrees to abide by the same restrictions and conditions that apply to us under the BA Agreement and this Privacy Policy with respect to PII and PHI, including the implementation of reasonable and appropriate safeguards.
We may also use PII and PHI to report violations of law to appropriate federal and state authorities.

Please direct all questions related to the Privacy Policy of the website to